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Code for SEO

Code. Test. Recode. Repeat™.

HTML code
SEO Code
Design for SEO

Mobile-first, tablet second and desktop last™.

HTML code
Mobile First Design
Optimize for SEO

Build for speed. Test for speed. Enhance for speed™.

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Website Optimization
Write for SEO

Research. Write. Publish. Repeat™.

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Content Marketing for SEO
Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Drive visitors to your website with a strategic content plan to provide engaging, original articles and tools that bring value to your site's visitors.
Website Standards

Web Standards

The basic building blocks for all web languages, pages and applications include HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
Build a Mobile First Website

Mobile First Design

To optimize for SEO, prioritize your website’s design for its performance on cell phones and other mobile devices.
Website Evaluation


Learn How Your Website Performance Compares to the Competition.
Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing

Adwords, email marketing, blogs, listing directories and more factor in to a 360-degree Internet Marketing Campaign.
Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Incorporate your Internet and Email Marketing into your Strategic Marketing Plan.
Marketing Tools


Use slamdunkmarketing.com's tools to help jumpstart a new product lunch or reinvigorate your company’s marketing.
Web Content

SEO: Site Engagement Optimization

Articles and advice throughout the web provide strategies and theories as to how to achieve "search engine optimization" aka "SEO". We don't equate SEO with a secret formula to match search engine algorithms that will put you on the top of Google, Bing and any number of search engines. For us, "SEO" stands for "Site Engagement Optimization" and represents a much more tangible, measurable and worthwhile pursuit.

Website Evaluation
Website Assessment Tools
Free and Paid
Strategic Plan
Research, Plan, Act
Code. Test. ReCode. Repeat.™
Coding for SEO